MLM Gateway Review: Are You Getting Any Leads?


I always get excited whenever I run into new social platforms, especially those that are specific to MLM business.

Unfortunately, my excitement with MLM Gateway quickly turned into disappointment.

The overall quality and usefulness of the platform is not that great compared to others out there. I also ran into a couple of suspicious MLM prospects.

In this MLM Gateway review, I’ll take you through the platform, give you my thoughts, and show you some alternatives.

MLM Gateway Review

As you sign up, the first thing you do is create a profile.

The problem is, you can’t really add any information about you and your business.

No links to your website, blog, or social media profiles. No description about you and your business. Nothing.

Your profile is basically your name, picture, where you’re from, and a couple of words on what you’re interested in.

Here’s what it looks like:


It looks like a profile that was created in 60’s.

Visitors won’t be able to learn much about you and your business. The only thing they can do is send you a partnership request along with a message.

Not a good start.

The Suspicious MLM Prospect

After a few days of joining, I got an email from MLM Gateway informing me that I had received a partnership request.

The request came from a guy named Harry Hernandez.

I logged in and checked out his profile, though I didn’t get too much information:


The request also came with a message.

Take a look:


I knew what the go was.

This Harry fellow ain’t no MLM prospect. In fact, he ain’t even human. He’s a bot set out to make it look like the platform has people looking for network marketing opportunities.

If this is the case, then that’s not cool.

If I’m wrong, then it looks like I missed out on a solid prospect because I never bothered replying.

Are There Any Business Opportunity Seekers On MLM Gateway?

The platform is full network marketers.

The site is being advertised on both Google and Bing, and the ads are geared towards network marketers.

Here’s one of the ads I spotted:


I’m not 100% sure… but I’m willing to bet the farm that there are no advertisements being done to bring in or attract real business opportunity seekers.

Everyone on MLM Gateway are already involved with an MLM company and those who aren’t are certainly not there looking for network marketing opportunities.

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, I’m just pointing out that the site doesn’t have business opportunity seekers on standby, ready to join your MLM business.

The Members Area

This is where you can search the database of members.

They have a search filter where you can search for members that live in whatever country and state you choose.

This is actually a pretty cool feature as you can find other network marketers that live near you:


I do enjoy snooping around the database, but that’s about it.

There is the option to send members a partnership request and present your network marketing opportunity.

But manually contacting members one-by-one to introduce your business opportunity is not effective at all.

You’re best off starting your own MLM blog and generating your own leads.

The Business Announcements

The business announcement section is where you can post articles, which will be visible to both members and visitors.

Articles have to be unique, as they are checked by Copyscape (so they say), and they have to be at least 400 words.

You can add 2 links anywhere in your post and you are free to post whatever you want.

You can promote your business opportunity, products, services, or better yet you can repurpose content from your blog:


If you have a good article, along with an attention-grabbing headline, then you’ll more than likely drive some traffic.

But the traffic will be short lived because as soon as the article drops to the next page, it will be all over.

On the bright side of things, the link to your business announcement will show up on your profile page.

So it’s worth creating at least 1 business announcement because those who visit your profile may check it out, which will lead them to whatever links you have in your announcement.

Is There Any Real Value With MLM Gateway?

Yes, there is.

If you are willing to spend some money and your target market is network marketers, then MLM Gateway may very well be a good traffic source for you.

As they say, wherever your target market is, that’s where you need to be. and right now they are all over this site.

Take a look at the Alexa ranking:


It’s getting lots of traffic.

Most of which is coming from the United States:


Visitors are also highly engaged with the site…

The bounce rate looks good and the average time on site is close to 10 minutes:


How do you tap into this traffic?

The only way is by upgrading to a premium account and or buying credits so that you can run advertising campaigns.

Premium membership costs $25 a month.

Here’s what you get:

  • 50 credits added to your account every month
  • Listed on the featured professionals page
  • Website URL on your profile page
  • YouTube video on your profile page
  • Complete profile visible to all members and visitors
  • See who’s viewed your profile
  • Extra credits for referrals and business announcements
  • Gold premium badge
  • Stats and reports

Worth it?

I can’t say for sure because I don’t have a premium account. However, I’ve noticed many experienced network marketers on the site who have upgraded.

With the amount of traffic the site is getting, I’d say you would get plenty of profile views and clicks to your site.

The traffic is there, but what it really comes down to is what you do with it, your offer, what you have in place, etc.

In my case, my brand and blog is relatively new. I have not yet created a squeeze page on this site nor do I have any sales funnel in place to send traffic through. So for me, it would not be worth it.

The Credit System

Credits are used to contact members, run advertising campaigns, and to become a member of the day.

You can earn credits as well as buy them.

Here are the going rates:


Here are the ways to earn them:

  • 5 credits on signup.
  • 10 credits for sharing on Facebook or Twitter.
  • 1 credit automatically whenever you run out of credits.
  • 5 credits for posting a business announcement.
  • 10 credits for every registered referral.

So basically, referring new members and posting business announcements are the only 2 ways to “build up” credits.

The Affiliate Program

The affiliate program is surprisingly good.

Considering that most social networks and lead generation platforms don’t pay you anything for sending visitors to their site.

If you’re lucky, they’ll send you a T-shirt:


Here’s what you get with MLMGateway:

  • 50% lifetime recurring commissions on premium upgrades.
  • 50% commissions on credit purchases.
  • 6% commissions from the sales generated by your referrals (sub-affiliates).
  • 10 credits added to your account.

MLM Gateway Alternatives

There aren’t many decent social networking sites or freemium lead generation platforms that I know of which are designed specifically for network marketers.

You’ve got:

  • IBOtoolbox – Social network with lots of features and a large member base. Throw IBO Dominator into the mix and you can’t go wrong.
  • BetterNetworker – MLM social network and forum. Not as popular as it was a couple of years back, but the forum in there still goes alright.

I also have a post with other MLM forums and social networks, as well as blog communities, money making forums, social networking sites for online marketers, and the likes.

All of which are great places to build your knowledge, network with like-minded people, and promote your business.

Here’s the post: Top 23 MLM Forums and Social Networks.


Wrapping It Up

MLM Gateway is still relatively new and I’ve noticed improvements since I first discovered it.

But as of now, I don’t see much value with the free account and I currently have no need to upgrade or advertise on there.

I’ll probably log in every now and then to see what’s going on and I may add the business announcements section as part of my to-do list for promoting my content.

If you want to sign up and check it out then here’s my referral link. If I get enough credits from that link, I’ll run an advertising campaign and update this post with my stats and results that I get out of it.

So, what are your thoughts on MLM Gateway? Have you had any luck getting traffic or leads from it?

Do you know of any good, free MLM social platforms that are not mentioned in my MLM forums post?

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  • Cheers for the review.
    Have you signed up as a premium member yet? If you have did you have any success?

  • Hi Darrel
    Great article…
    I agree with you even though the site is aimed at connecting Networkers everyone is pitching their own opportunity and no opportunity seekers!

    I recently upgraded on mlmgateway and also advertised by buying credits. I don’t think I am getting much traffic from the upgrade however from the advertising I have had some leads and few of them have turned into customers.

    The thing I have noticed is the credits go get eaten up very quickly and there is no way of verifying if the clicks are genuine, I am getting around 0.6% CTR and I feel for my offer it should be higher.

    I am looking around for other places to advertise my banner, if you can recommend a good site I would appreciate it!

    Stay blessed!

  • Garry

    I am an Upgraded member of MLM Gateway for $25 US a month. I recently purchased 250 credits for $84 US; all the credits were used up in one hour with only 9 clicks on my Link.; very expensive advertising. I could buy a Solo of buyers traffic for a hundred guaranteed clicks for $84 US. Do not advertise on the MLM Gateway site as these are not buyers unless you are selling a Traffic package, You can contact 50 Networkers per month from the Upgrade at $25 US per month. MLM Gateway is not a leads site unless you sell something all Network Marketers want and need.

  • MlMGateway is good for you to build your mlm opt-in list and threafter nurture the opt-ins to become your responsive buyers. I have had some of the leads joining me on Facebook for enhanced interraction and those surely are not bots. Overall there is no shortcut to mlm business.

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