Top 23 MLM Forums and Social Networks

I’ve rounded up all the top MLM forums and social networks where you can interact with fellow marketers, share your content and drive traffic to your website or blog.

The list also includes blogging communities, internet marketing forums, money making forums, work-at-home forums, affiliate marketing forums, and the likes.

Check it out.


Affilorama Banner

Affilorama is a training center and community that teaches you how to make money online with affiliate marketing (selling other people’s products).

You get a free quick-start guide and 120 video lessons that teach you how to start and grow an online business via affiliate marketing.

They have a helpful forum where paid staff and community members answer questions and support one another:

Affilorama Forum

Not a bad option for those looking to get into affiliate marketing, or struggling to get on a roll with it.

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Better Networker

BetterNetworker bannerBetter Networker is a social network for home business professionals.

Most of the members are network marketers, including some of the most well-known leaders within the MLM industry.

They have a premium membership which unlocks all the features and gives you access to their internet marketing training vault.

The platform isn’t as active as it once was, which makes most of the premium features not worth using, but their discussion forum is free and still going strong.

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IBO Toolbox

IBOtoolbox BannerIBtoolbox is a large social network for home business professionals, though most of the members are MLMers.

The platform is designed to help promote your business and get exposure, and there are several free tools and features that can help you do just that.

You can add friends, which they call “Associates,” write press releases, which is a mini-blogging platform, and you can post whatever you like to the main wall:

IBOtoolbox WallThe site also rewards you with ad credits which can be used to advertise throughout the platform. Credits are earned by being active and using the features on the site.

Not the best place to learn and develop your knowledge, though it’s an additional place where you can promote your business and network with fellow marketers.

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Warrior Forum

WarriorForum BannerThe Warrior Forum is one of the most widely-known internet marketing forums on the web.

The site has been going strong since 1997 and has clocked in over a million registered users.

Some argue that it’s too crowded, lacks quality discussions and that there’s too much selling going on. But, whatever the case may be, the site does generate a lot of traffic.

Contribute to discussions and post good stuff, and you can get some good traffic via your signature link.

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The Dojo

TheDojo BannerThe Dojo is a private affiliate marketing forum and training center.

The site features guides, how-tos, case studies, along with a library of tools and resources. They have several experts in the affiliate marketing arena that share their secrets and strategies.

They are not the largest community around, but the quality and value of their content seem to be there:

The Dojo ForumLooks great for those looking to expand their marketing knowledge at a place that’s not so noisy.

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Blog Engage

Blogengage BannerBlog engage is a premium blogging community where bloggers submit their latest articles.

The articles you submit can be upvoted upon by community members, with the highly-voted posts reaching the homepage and getting promoted on the social media channels owned by Blogengage.

I’m currently not a member, though, once I get a few posts published on the site, I’ll be signing up and sharing them on the platform, as they have a “networking marketing” section:

Blogengage Network MarketingBlogengage is also like a social network. You can engage with community members, join groups, discuss blogging ideas and find guest posting opportunities.

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Snapzu bannerSnapzu is a social platform where people share, create and discover content.

You can join Tribes (topics) that interest you most and submit whatever content you like, such as links, blog posts, videos, or even just plain text posts.

Like Blogengage, users can upvote or downvote submissions (Snaps). Snaps with lots of upvotes can make the homepage and get promoted on the social media channels owned by Snapzu.

The platform is well designed, clean and user-friendly:

Snapzu profile wildcat

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steemit-bannerSteemit is a new social blogging platform that pays its users for contributing content to the site.

You are free to post anything you like; your business opportunity, products, experiences, etc. You could even repurpose content from your blog.

The platform also has a voting system. Basically, the more upvotes you get, the more money you can make:


Steemit is another great platform to get exposure for your business and drive traffic to your site.

And the money you can make from the platform itself is an extra bonus. They even give you $5 for signing up.

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Money Maker Group

MoneyMakerGroup BannerMoney Maker Group is a money making forum where members share and discuss their income opportunities and money making ideas.

You can participate (or run) advertising co-ops, NIL (next in line) team builds and other money making activities.

The forum has lots of money making topics and programs that you can learn and talk about:

MMG ForumYou can also start a thread about your income opportunity or program and include your referral link within the thread. But you have to be the first one to announce it.

Though the real benefit is not in pitching your deal, but learning about new programs that hit the marketplace. If it has any traffic potential, you can write a review about it on your own site.

The idea is that if a program is new, then there will most likely be nothing about it on Google. So by posting a review, you can easily rank for it on Google and soak up the traffic.

This is one of the strategies I explain in this post: MLM Strategies: 6 Creative (Yet Powerful) Tactics


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Dream Team Money

DTM BannerDream Team Money is another money making forum where you can learn about new programs, share and discuss income opportunities.

DTM and MMG are the most popular money making forums. DTM has over 400,000 members and MMG has over 290,000 but seems to be more active out of the two.

They both pretty much have the same rules and guidelines, as well as the same topics.

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Digital Point

DigitalPoint BannerDigital Point is one of the largest webmaster forums going. They are closing in on a million registered members.

The site allows you to make money through their Adsense revenue sharing program.

By connecting your Adsense ID, any thread you start or participate in will show ads that credit your Adsense account. The only requirement is that you have to post at least 50 times.

They also have a private section for premium members which they call Area 51:

DigitalPoint Area 51 I don’t know what goes on in there, but word on the forum is that Bob Lazar is a member.

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MLM Forums bannerThis is the site running the domain. The content on the site is pretty bland, but their discussion forum goes alright.

The community is small but they are always active. Some of the members have been participating on the forum since it first started back in the early 2000’s.

They have just 4 topics:

MLM ForumsNice and simple.

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Quora bannerQuora is a Q&A site that has gained a lot of popularity over the last couple of years.

The way it works is simple: You create a user profile, choose the topics you are interested in and experienced with, and then ask and answer questions.

The cool thing is that they aren’t really strict about adding links in your posts. So you can drive lots of traffic by answering questions and linking back to your blog posts as a source or reference.

However, the site has a voting system, so you have to post useful stuff, otherwise it will sink to the bottom where it will most likely not be seen by visitors.

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WAHM bannerWork-at-Home Moms is one of the most popular work-at-home forums, with over 240k members.

They have sub-forums for all the top direct sales companies. They also have an advertising section, business directory and a section where you can post upcoming webinars.

Great place for women in the direct sales industry and those looking to get started.

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Wicked Fire

WickedFire BannerWickedFire is a small affiliate marketing forum.

The site covers a range of topics such as SEO, web development, and internet marketing. You can participate in polls, send private messages (PM) and have an all round fun time:

The community is very tight-knit and straightforward, and they aren’t afraid to tell you how it is:

WickedFire Forum

Some of the members here also like to play up every now and then. For example, They rank #1 on Google for “gay affiliate forum”:

WickedFire Gay Affiliate Forum

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MyBlogU is a unique blogging community where bloggers brainstorm ideas and reference one another within their posts.

Users submit whatever blog post they are working on and ask for ideas, expertise, experiences, etc. By sending your idea, your content (along with a link to your blog) can get featured within their post.

For example, here’s a request submitted at MyBlogU:

MyBlogU Request2

This is a great way to get your brand out there and to build quality backlinks. You can also submit your own requests and get free, unique content to add to your own blog.

Other features include a discussion forum and a section where you can submit your articles to get feedback.

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Kingged BannerKingged is an internet marketing social site where members share, create and discover content.

It’s another platform that has a voting system. Members can “king” (up-vote) or “unking” (down-vote) content.

As puts it:

Users can share and “King” the best Internet marketing content, products and services they find. Bill Gates was right when he said “Content Is King”, but who should decide which content is King better than the readers?

You also earn points for being active and contributing to the community. Points can be used to get discounts on products and services that they have in the marketplace.

Kingged is an additional place where you can discover content, share your own, and network with fellow online marketers.

Visit Site is an inbound marketing community where users share, create and discover content.

Inbound is another platform that runs on a voting system. Though they are strict with their posting guidelines. Submissions that link out to content has to be useful to the community and of high quality.

Some of the popular topics include SEO, social media marketing, content marketing, blogging, entrepreneurship, analytics, and conversion rate optimization.

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Black Hat World

BlackHatWorld BannerBlackHatWorld is an internet marketing and black hat SEO forum.

Black Hat SEO is where you use shady or spammy tactics to manipulate Google into giving you higher rankings.

BlackHatWorld is where these tactics, along with other shady marketing tactics, get discussed.

They also discuss legitimate marketing practices and generally provide good advice:

BlackHatWorld SEO ForumI don’t recommend these tactics. However, the world of black hat SEO is interesting. Some of the members are very clever and creative with the things they come up with.

It’s an interesting forum to read and the subject is another piece of knowledge to have under your belt.

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Work At Home Forum

Work At Home Forum BannerThis is another great work at home forum.

The community has many beginners looking for help and advice, as well as veterans doing their part.

Topics include MLM, business opportunities and programs reviews, website promotion, SEO, work at home jobs, web design and hosting, and a whole lot more.

The layout is nice and simple.

Work at Home Discussion Forum

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V7N bannerV7N is a large (over 20k members) internet marketing and web development forum.

Some of the popular topics discussed include SEO, graphic design, blogging, Google, and advertising.

In addition to the standard signature link, you can connect your blog’s RSS feed. This will display a link to your recent blog post on every thread you start or reply to:

V7N ForumThe only thing is that you have to post at least 25 times for your blogs links to show and 50 times for signature links.

Unfortunately, there are many users that only post for the sake of building signature links and blog entry links, so the discussions can be bland and unhelpful.

Though there are still plenty of members that post useful stuff. You just need to weave through it.

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5 Star Affiliate Programs

5Star Affiliate Programs BannerThis is an affiliate marketing forum that’s mainly geared towards affiliate programs.

You can discuss all the types of affiliate networks like ShareASale and Commission Junction. They also have all the general internet marketing topics such as SEO, blogging, social marketing, etc.

Like V7N, you can connect your blog’s RSS feed and have your recent posts show on all your discussions.

The community is friendly and helpful. They have a handful of dedicated members who are consistently answering questions.

It’s a nice, basic forum for those into affiliate marketing.

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Webmaster Sun

Webmaster Sun BannerWebmasterSun is an internet marketing forum and marketplace.

This is quite a large site and has lots of features that will better help you get exposure and traffic.

You are free to post your offers (ebooks, affiliate products, programs, etc). They also have a blog section where you can submit your articles, videos, or even create blog posts:

WebmasterSun ForumHowever, you need to post 20 times to unlock your signature link and 35 times to unlock the blog entry feature.

The forum is highly active and the members seem really friendly and helpful,

Worth checking out.

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Triberr BannerTriberr is a social network and sharing platform that’s mainly geared towards bloggers.

You join the Tribes (topics) that best fit your interest. Mingle with fellow like-minded Tribe members, submit your blog posts and share a few submitted by others.

The platform is also a good place just to check out other blogs and influences within your area.

They have a premium membership which gives a few perks, but a free account is all you need.

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